This unique line is specially designed for carp method feeder fishing. Innovative light reflection technology was applied, it camouflage line in best possible way in all waters. Depending on level of brightness and angle of view, the line changes colour from moss green to brown. Sinking low stretch line 13-14% provides you ultimate control over the line and significantly increases the line responsiveness. Superior abrasion resistance is another valuable line advantage, you don’t need to worry about hardness of underwater conditions.

Article Name Strength Diameter Reel Color in box

213618 Crypton 8,85 Lb 4,01 kg 0,215 mm 300 m camouflage 10 pcs.

213625 Crypton 10,05 Lb 4,55 kg 0,234 mm 300 m camouflage 10 pcs.

213632 Crypton 12,57 Lb 5,70 kg 0,261 mm 300 m camouflage 10 pcs.

213649 Crypton 14,00 Lb 6,35 kg 0,286 mm 300 m camouflage 10 pcs.

Proizvođač: KATRAN
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